Wine Series Voyages
On select Wine Series voyages, enjoy enlightening lectures, tastings of celebrated vintage blends and optional private tours to world-class wineries and cellars. An extensive selection of fine red and white wine pairings are suggested with lunch and dinner entrees, and are always complimentary.

Culinary Arts Voyages
Join contemporary guest chefs as they share their most tantalizing creations through special menus, demonstrations and interactive cooking classes. Escorted provisioning excursions to international markets will whet your appetite for a grand gourmet dinner, spotlighting the innovative and mouthwatering specialties of the international guest chefs.

For the Active Adventurer
Snorkelling in the Seychelles. Kayaking in Grand Cayman. Whitewater rafting in Chile. Exciting adventures await you on every voyage. Soar in a helicopter high above active volcanoes or glide over Luxor at dawn in a hot-air balloon. Bike through a lush Caribbean rainforest to a tranquil waterfall. Go four-wheeling across desert sands, horseback riding along Tuscany's picturesque coast, or play a round of golf at Dubai's famous greens. Relive adventures of bravery through tales of exploration and challenge.

For the Art Aficionado
Silversea's devotion to encircling guests in a world rich with artistic experiences begins onboard with carefully crafted entertainment showcasing international celebrities as well as regional artists. Expert guest lecturers enrich the voyage destination by interpreting the cultural influences on the mediums of music, dance, painting, sculpture and more.

For the Cultural Connoisseur
Silversea's international itineraries attract guests and staff from across the globe, resulting in a uniquely cosmopolitan onboard atmosphere. A setting especially welcoming for the host of entertaining cultural specialists whose stories will enthrall and delight as they reveal answers to questions of instinctive curiosity.

For the Gourmet
The innovative Relais & Châteaux L’École des Chefs aboard Silversea entertains and educates with a broad curriculum of tantalizing culinary events including inspiring demonstrations and dynamic cooking competitions. Then head ashore to cook under the expert guidance of world-renowned chefs at prestigious Relais & Châteaux – Relais Gourmand boutique restaurants. Or join optional excursions with opportunities to create Valencian paella, discover nouvelle twists on classical Chinese dishes, or learn the time-honoured secrets of Vietnamese clay pot cooking. 

For the History Enthusiast
Excursions to Egypt's pyramids. Spain's Alhambra. Italy's Pompeii, the lost cities of Machu Picchu and Tikal. The ancient ruins of Ephesus, Leptis Magna, Cyrene and Palmyra. Silversea's destination specialists are experts at sparking your curiosity with legends and lore, fact and fiction, and mysteries still unsolved by time and technology. 

For the Nature Lover
Aboard Silversea's smaller ships, discover amazing landscapes and remarkable species of wildlife in remote corners of the world. Stark and silent Antarctic icebergs. The wild, pristine paradise of the Galapagos. Misty green Norwegian fjords. Wild Amazonian rainforests. Intimately sized ships also mean intimate settings for small groups to examine the work of ecologists, environmentalists, and experienced naturalists. Unique and up-close experiences that are simply one-of-a-kind. Simply Silversea.

For the World Observer
Ever changing. Always fascinating. Our world is shaped by complex and often contrasting cultures, religions and political affairs. Stay informed with complimentar

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